South Carolina Amazon Center in Early Stages of Construction

Nelson: Kudos to Amazon for going local with the grading company. I hope the ongoing project stimulates local and regional construction companies and ultimately brings jobs as the center goes online.

amazon constructionYellow super-sized construction equipment with iron plows and clay-covered monster wheels move along the 200-plus acre piece of land like army tanks in a desert.

The tractors and dumptrucks are furiously clearing ground and grading the earth in preparation for’s new facility on John Dodd Road in Spartanburg County.

The work here began the week before Christmas and could continue for a while more before the building contractor is ready to start laying bricks and mortar. And that means the roughly 400 promised jobs at the planned facility could still be months away.

However, all of the grading work is being done by a local company out of Spartanburg County, Morgan-Corp, though it’s still not clear which company will get the construction contract.

Calls and emails to seeking information on when people could start applying for permanent positions have yet to be returned.

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